I walk down the streets of Paris the second largest city in Eurasia. The old stone buildings stand where they have stood for ages on the lower levels of the city center. Actually I don’t live here but I wanted to experience some culture here on earth before i go to Mars. I look up into the sky or the glimpse you can get of it here there are ten other levels built on top of the each other. There are some holes that let in light to the lower levels and I’m standing in the middle of one right now. I’m supposed to wait here for my ride to Krakow. “Rue Vaci” the sign is verry old and it’s not written in English. It says “2024” that probably means it was put there that year hang on 2024 is over 300 years ago. “Err sir your ride to Krakow” that must be the taxi driver “Ok thanks”


The strange announcer voice says “13:40 Seoul, Planetary travel 14:00 Musk city intersystem traveling please report to your traveling companies immediately if you are taking one of these rides”. THIS IS IT! I’m going to Mars. I walk down the huge hall towards my gate. A worker says “Welcome aboard” after I give him my passport.


“Jumping to lightspeed, close your eyes and sit back please” As we approach what was thought to be out of reach speedwise just a century ago i start to feel anxious. A few minutes later the announcer says “We have arrived please leave no belongings behind. “.;.”:;.´´´” i have never heard anyone speak martian before but it is a beautiful language. A guy sits next to me so i ask him “Err what did it say?” “Welcome home” I repeat my thoughts to him “It’s a wonderful language. I walk out of the shuttle and onto Martian ground for the first time. I ask the friendly guy who sat next to me in the shuttle “How do we know the Martian language?” “Well, the first settlers found some primitive writing and guessed what it said” “Ok but how do we know what the letters sound like” “The settlers had a lot of spare time so they made it all up” “Are you from Mars? “ I ask him. He nods at me and says “Come on let’s go to my place, I guess you haven’t got yourself an apartment yet”


“Phobos is crashing down we have to go!!!” says my martian friend. I have only known him for 5 days and i am practically dead already.

By: Joel