My friend is from Mars IV

Year 2418

If you don’t believe me now, it’s ok.

I have a friend from Mars.

I promise, it’s true! She is a very kind person and I love her so much. She is very special but I don’t care, because she is my best friend.

The first time I met her was a while ago. It was my first trip to Mars and I travelled with my friends from school. When we landed on the orange-red planet she sat there watching us. We put on our space suits and our oxygen masks and I walked out through the spacecraft door. She welcomed us to the dog-planet. We didn’t understand what she meant with that, but then we saw them. They were dogs. All the people that live on Mars are dogs!

The dog who had welcomed us was a Samojed-dog. She had yellow-brown fur and ice-blue eyes. She was so cute! I don’t know how, but all the dogs could talk to us. The yellow-brown dog said that she came from the Soviet union. Which planet is that?

After a month on Mars the brown-yellow dog and I had become really good friends. I asked her if she wanted to visit me on earth, but she said that she had to stay on Mars. The brown-yellow dog has a puppy and her name is Lizzy. Lizzy is just five months old and she is so cute. I just want to take her home to Sweden!

I travel to Mars every month to visit the brown-yellow dog and Lizzy. Lizzy is very much alike her mum. She has brown fur and blue eyes, just like her mother. The brown-yellow dog is my best friend. Her name is


alien 4

My friend is from Mars V

Hello, my name is Maja Parker and I’m 13 years old. I live in a big house with my mum, dad, little sister and our dog Nasse. I have a best friend named Felicia. She lives in the house next to mine. She lives with her dad, mum, two sisters and a hamster named Carl. But there’s one thing that’s different with Felicia. She is from Mars! She hasn’t got green skin and no hair, but she can speak a different language that they only speak on Mars and in their house of course. I and my family are the only ones who know they speak it.

When I and my family, like most people in England, go on vacation outside the country Felicia and her family go into an elevator that goes to Mars. When they are there they usually meet old grandparents and cousins. Felicia says she is trying to teach the people on Mars English. I’ve seen the elevator and pictures of them on Mars but never been there.

Now I’m at Felicia’s house and we are going to have a sleepover! We are going to eat tacos, popcorn, chips, candy and drink soda and much more We are going to watch a movie and I think it’s going to be ”Bring it on”. It’s our favourite.

Now we are lying in our beds talking. We are talking about how we first met. I was on the beach with my friends Lindsay, Peter, Mark, Philip and Emma. We were swimming and playing beach volleyball when Felicia came and asked if she could play with us. We said ”of course”. Felicia was in my team and we became really good friends. Then she and her family moved into the house next to ours and now we know all of each other’s secrets. She has said that I can come to Mars sometime but I need a spacesuit so I can breathe. Now we are going to sleep so bye!

alien 6

My friend is from Mars VI

”Good night, Laura!” mom yells from the kitchen. I put my book about space on my messy table and turn off the lamp next to my bed. I’m very tired and in a few minutes, everything gets dark.

Suddenly I hear a strange noise outside my window. I put my pink and fluffy slippers on my cold feet and walk out through my open window. I can see two yellow eyes hiding behind a large bush. Maybe it’s a dangerous animal? I walk closer, even though I don’t know what or who is hiding behind the large bush. I can almost touch the bush when the yellow eyes disappear. I turn around and see a little boy who looks strange. He has got three fingers on each hand, a huge forehead and… yellow eyes! He looks scared.

”Hello, what’s your name?” I ask him with my nicest voice but he doesn’t answer. Instead, he is pointing at the bush. I turn around once again and there I see a yellow broken rocket. Then I realise, the boy is an alien. The little boy starts crying. After watching him crying I made up my mind: I have to help him! I grab his hand and start walking to the library ten minutes away. I need to have a conversation with him. Finally we are there and I start pushing the door but nothing happens. I look into his sad eyes and suddenly words I have never heard before flies out through my mouth. Then, the little boy starts talking to me and I understand every single word.

”Hi, my name is Casper and I’m from Mars. I saw your blue planet through my telescope and curious as I am, I went here but ran out of petrol so I can’t go back.”

”Ok, Casper, I’m going to help you. Can I look at your rocket again?”

”Of course” he says.

We walk back to his rocket. I look at the petrol that has made a lake next to the rocket. After a few minutes of thinking I say ”Wait a minute”. A few minutes later I come back to him with a bottle of soda. We put the petrol in the rocket and then he can fly away.

”Good bye Laura.”

”Good bye Casper, my friend from Mars!”